Web Pre-requisites

DNS Configuration

Due to the latest advancements in browser security and tracking prevention, an mmob integration needs to be served under your domain. To do so, you need to add the following configuration to your DNS:

integration-staging.YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD   CNAME     client-ingress.stag.mmob.com
integration.YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD           CNAME     client-ingress.prod.mmob.com
✅ Please replace `YOUR_DOMAIN.TLD` with your company's domain name. If it is `example.com` it will look like `integration-staging.example.com`

Once the CNAME has been changed please let your Implementation specialist know so mmob can provision your domain with the SSL certificate.

Other considerations

Referral policy

To ensure a good service our iFrame will need to access the url of the referral when performing AJAX calls. Please ensure that your referral policy allows this. We suggest to use the default policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin.

Please find more details in the MDN documentation about Referrer-Policy.

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