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Welcome to mmob, the platform for Embedded Services. We've built a revolutionary platform to change partnerships for the better, specialising in tech-driven, seamless integrations of third-party services across all of your platforms to deliver a richer, native user experience. This API allows you to access two types of integrations provided by the mmob platform, by becoming a Distribution Partner or a Service Provider.

Integration types

Distribution Partner (CP)

Distribution Partners embed services deployed to the platform by Service Providers.

  • Through the mmob SDKs, you will be able to offer an integration containing one or more services to your customer base natively in your environments.

Service Provider (TPP)

As a mmob Service Provider, you will be able to offer your products or services through a new audience using the mmob platform's Embedded Services capability. Using an end to end solution, you will be able to acquire new customers natively within the Distribution Partner's channel, with them sharing the data with you as needed.
  • Once deployed to a Distribution Partner, customers will be able to access your services. Once they give consent and/or submit information through your embedded journey, your dashboard will display the users and the orders they place

  • Using our APIs and WebHooks you will be able to receive, process and update user activities as they come

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